This is why I Drank.

Sabrina Vallis
2 min readFeb 12, 2024

My Daddy was Murdered 21 years ago today, by his son.

And his wife, my mother.

Life became the scream.
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I only found out last year, though I had been going mad in the meantime.

He killed him, albeit dying of cancer, on a hospital ward at 4 am.

He, (my brother kept telling me to go away).

He had form, either he or his wife had done the same four months earlier, to her father.

I became the pariah of the family.

Unsought, unwanted, and hated.

I did not kill my father.

I did not start to drink then, but as the accumulated guilt crept up on me grew.

“A mercy killing,” said the Irish Nun.

My father had said to me a day previous: “What price Brideshead?” after converting to the religion he loathed with a passion, Roman Catholicism.

“Why, did you allow it Daddy, or is my cry to be unnoticed in the darkness.”

Daddy, oh, my daddy.

The bottle seemed the only answer; I was dispossessed in one single stroke: death. And my only ally.

We won a major championship together. An Olympic class and then our destinies were set in stone. They hated us.

I loved my father. And they hated me for it.

Olypimic class sailing takes nerve and quick thinking.
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