Excerpt from New Dawn: A Memoir of Alcohol Recovery

Sabrina Vallis
3 min readOct 13, 2023
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In this book we are going to be addressing mainly the causes of addiction problems (and this may help people other than alcoholics) and primarily the treatment that I eventually devised and applied to my own problem, with the outcome of sobriety without angst, achieved.

You see I have been sober without thinking about being sober for most of my life when alcohol was something I enjoyed appropriately. I did not drink for long periods when I was focusing on something like final exams or recovering from illness, and of course pregnancy. It was most certainly not an obsession or even a habit until my early thirties and then took years to morph into the monster it became for me.

At no time did there seem to be anything lacking in my life without the evening glass of wine.

In terms of treatment, I am going to veer on the “Alternative” course of managing and solving the problem as all the other options failed me to a lesser or greater extent. It is my firm belief that it is because none of them addressed the real issue: that I had a deep psychological issue that needed to be addressed before I could resolve the drinking issue.

I am also going to warn you, or remind you if you have already found out for yourself, that there is…



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